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Jazz Syndicate Promotions

 UK- USA - South Africa

Aja : Radio Presenter, DJ, Musical Architect, Promotions. 

Was a founder of The Jazz Syndicate in the early 80's, a group of young dj's exploring Jazz Music and playing venues in and around London, introducing Jazz to a growing audience. Aja along with his brother Marky took to internet radio, broadcasting on Jazz Syndicate Radio, voted one of the top internet stations in the world.

Though Aja has an extensive knowledge of Jazz, from traditional to the more left field conceptual styles, his passion has lead him on to push the boundaries of Jazz music in all it's forms, supporting new and unsigned artists/bands on his independent show 'Ketch A Vibe' which broadcasts on various radio stations around the world. Aja combines great playlists with his own unique presenting style, and is proud to have a well established listening base and wonderful support for all the new music that he introduces to a world wide audience. 

Aja has developed a solid relationship with many record labels across the world, and is on the promotions list of the major Jazz Music Labels receiving brand new music weekly.
To add to this, Aja also regularly writes reviews and is a Critique. for various magazines world wide.

Currently presents "Ketch A Vibe shows" & Mixes with Claire Simone on: 

BluesJazz Radio (Baltimore USA)

Impact Radio (Taranto Italy)

Cruise FM (London UK)

Electric Lion Radio (London UK)

XRP Radio (Birmingham (UK)

The Jazz UK (UK)

WSJR Radio (Augusta USA)

Play FM (Austria) 


Hearthis (Germany)

Joy Radio (UK)

Blaqhole Radio (USA

Radio stations Aja has had shows on: 

Canora Radio (Madrid Spain) 

Samurai FM (Japan) 

Radio Zero Gravity (Italy)
Real Love Radio (UK), 
Georgejazz FM (NZ), 
Starpoint Radio (UK), 

And has guested on Dave Brown's (Solar Radio) show & Mike Ashleys "Soul Freedom Shows on Radio Cardiff FM,Pulse FM (UK) & Rhythm & Soul Radio (USA).

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To listen or download the shows go to

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A musical connoisseur, DJ and producer never afraid to go too deep. One can only conclude that his emotive music selections are his own therapy. His eclectic collection has left him with quite a 'mixed' spectrum of musical influence. Today, this translates into sets where he picks apart and infuses together all the pieces of music that he loves best synchronized with his unique DJ-ing skills.

Dancer by nature, he began his DJ-ing career in 2009 in Centurion, South Africa and has involved himself in community projects influencing and motivating fellow growing artists. From resident DJ to live performances, A-FRYK-YA has the ability to invoke the spirit of dance as he sets the mood with his contagiously electric character convincing people like me to believe we can dance too.

To mention that his radical deck technique has caught the attention of many radio stations both local and international would not be difficult for one to comprehend the 'A-FRYK-YA experience'.

'Keeping you grounded in the heavenly.. Naturally' - A-FRYK-YA

Born and bred in the capital city of South Africa. The Home of House Music as most would say. Began as a dancer, appearing in famous music video by Dj Mujava- Township Funk. He then discovered an urge to start making music. A-FRYK-YA has a few remix projects done with artists under Kanzen Records. Through time he developed a love not only for making music but showing appreciation & trying his best to uplift other youngsters he joined Jazz Syndicate Management & Promotions.

At a later stage in his career he was also granted an opportunity to host "  #AvantGarden show"on & Tshwane 93.6fm where he is a local radio personality !

He has played at DJ competitions such as Soulcandi's So you think you can Dj and recently SA Dj Championships.

Also playing across different clubs in SA, this man is only looking to better himself as a person through the music.

Tales of a lost soul & dream state are the 1st releases with Electric Lion Recordings which he was recently signed with thanks to Lewis Copeland. These two tracks came about during a time when he was enduring tough times and could only express himself through the music.

A big thank you to Te'Gz for his involvement.

Watch out for more. As this is only the begging.

Lions Roar.

I started off Djing way back in the eighties, in various venues in Northern Ireland, playing Jazz, Funk & Soul. During this time I got into Jap Jazz, and to this day am an avid lover. During the late nineties, 2000's, myself and another couple of Dj's formed a team called Come And Get It, playing every Friday & Saturday night in Belfast, playing mainly Acid Jazz and Latin of which I am also a great lover. We had Rainer Truby as well as Andrew Levy guesting with us. During this time we also supported various bands playing in Belfast, including JTQ, Mother Earth, Freak Power and Couduroy to name a few.

I now only play at the occasional gig & still listening to great music. I am a regular contributor to Aja & Claires Ketch A Vibe Show, were I have been a regular presenter, known as Jazzy The G.

Why Us?

What do we do?

Jazz Syndicate Management & 

Promotions, the brainchild of Aja, offers a unique on-line promotion service to Artists and Record Lables. 

Why choose JSM?

Aja's unparallaled knowledge and extensive network in the music industry allows JSM to get our Artist's music out to the right people, radio stations and platforms. 

Read Artist's testimonials here

Interested in working with Aja and the team? Contact us here

Aja (UK/Europe)

Sfiso Afrykya Mahlangu (South Africa)

Geoff Mcconnell "Jazzy The G" ( Ireland)