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“Buster Brown and the New Resolutions”

It’s an album title, “Buster Brown and the New Resolutions,” and it’s not just another album with a few memorable cuts. Frankly, I was blown away, not on the first listen, but the second time around. The second time I listened to the album, everything came into focus.

Andreas (Buster Brown) Schuld produced this album as a homage to all the guitarists and musicians that influenced his style over the years.

Schuld said, “The majority of the tunes were written in the 1980s and 1990s. Some were played live, but were never recorded. 

The main influences in those years were Miles Davis, Jeff Beck, John Leventhal, Albert King, Robben Ford and Mark Knopfler. In a way, this album is a tribute to all of them.”

Each time I listened to the album I picked out a lot more influences than Schuld mentioned.

On one cut in particular, “Blooze”, a 1950s style piece, I caught a little bit of Wes Montgomery, Johnny Smith, T Bone Walker, Kenny Burrell, Charlie Byrd, etc.  - with a touch of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys.

Miles Davis said, “It’s not the notes you play, it’s the notes you don’t play.” This album is the exemplification of Davis's musical philosophy. Schuld’s guitar work, while rich in texture, has a reflective sparsity about it - the right notes in the right places.

This is an album you can’t put into a bag for a specific audience. The reason being, the musicians are all seasoned session men who did backup work for about every genre from Hip Hop, to Blues, to Heavy Metal, to Jazz, to Country and Western, and Karaoke tracks.  Consequently, the album incorporates all the musical elements into a superb piece of classic Fusion work.

“Buster Brown and the New Resolutions” is a fine example of exploration into fusing styles into a cohesive body of work.

There is some tasty sax work on a couple of cuts along with the keyboards - overall, I would say, listen to it twice and you’ll get hooked.

By George C .Glasser

01 -Over Again

02 - Save Me.

03 The Morning-s Coming.

04 Get On Through

05 Bounce To The Beat

06 Bad Advice Interlude

07 A Love Forever Fly

08 Since You've Been Gone

09 Where Did The arty Go

10 GB's Groove

11 On The Dance Floor

12 Right This Time

Mr Bird featuring Greg Blackman - Low-Fi Classics - BBE244ADG